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Workshop Testimonials
"I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic start to a new pastime your creative writing workshops last year were. I loved the intimacy of our class and formed lasting friendships. From this launch point, my year of discovering writing has led me to attend other workshops, join Hunter Writers ( Centre) and join a writers group. And drum roll..the photographic image I started to write from in your workshop is now a full on story in progress! Can thoroughly recommend your workshops."
Chele H.
I recently attended a Workshop hosted by Michelle for Creative Writing - it was a fabulous and nurturing event. Michelle was a wonderful facilitator tapping into our creative energy through interesting and amusing tasks - such a refreshing approach.
Terry T. 
It was a great day and much was gained - writers knots untied and insight gained into the deeper self, contained for so long! 
You were terrific!

POWER OF THE PEN - learn the therapeutic benefits of writing, exploring freewriting, journaling, poetry and fiction. This is a must for anyone who would like to write more and understand the connection between expressive writing and wellbeing. ( 4 week course, 2.5-3 hours weekly/ face to face or online via Zoom sessions)

FICTION WRITING FOR BEGINNERS: Learn how to build fictional worlds and create compelling, multi-layered characters. This is a practical and information-packed workshop, and will help you to start confidently building characters and compelling stories. ( 4 hour workshop) 

CREATIVE WRITING FOR BEGINNERS: You'll be given a whole bunch of fun and practical exercises to get your stories started, listening to music, going for meditative walks, tasting foods blindfolded and inhaling interesting smells as a way of accessing memories and stories. Learn the basics of good storytelling, and ways to make your work 'sing.' ( 4 hour workshop)

STORYTELLING FOR KIDS (VARIOUS THEMES): Suitable for 8-12 year old's. You'll be given lots of fun exercises and prompts so you can start writing compelling stories, whether fictional or true. Learn the basic elements of storytelling, including a story arc and ways to deepen your writing. There'll be games, prompts and lots of one-on-one feedback on your stories. Exercise your creative muscle and let your imagination run wild in these fun and informative workshops! N.B. I am a Creative Kids provider and can accept vouchers towards my workshops, including Zoom and face-to-face.

INDIVIDUAL MENTORING ( THE PORTABLE WRITER): Until June 30th, I'm offering 20% off all mentoring to support beginner writers on their projects/stories. Would you like a personal trainer for your writing? You'll receive plenty of encouragement, support and practical, tailored exercises to meet your needs. Suitable for beginners to fiction, short stories and short memoir. Starts from just $45 per hour (online or phone during COVID-19 restrictions) or $80 for a two hour session. ( **normally $60 per hour). I can also tailor a mini-workshop for you, depending on what skills you'd like to practice. More information here:   

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Cancellation Policy: No refunds or credit given on workshops that have been paid for due to costs incurred in running a workshop. We can, however, accept a transfer - if you cannot attend for whatever reason, you are welcome to gift the ticket to a friend or family member ( for that workshop only), but you need to make the appropriate arrangements with them. Please inform us at least 72 hours before the event so we are aware of participant's needs and requirements. 
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